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WordTempl FAQ

Q: What is WordTempl?

A: WordTempl is user-friendly software to accelerate the creation of day-to-day Microsoft Word documents such as essential business contracts, legal agreements, letters, proposals, press releases, policies etc.
The program automizes and accelerates creating standard documents.

WordTempl saves as much as 60% of work time used for preparing the documents as compared to standard MS Office tools. The system also helps to avoid mistakes when creating a document as the user enters only the required data fills rather than scrolling the whole document searching for the fields to fill.

Q: Do I need Microsoft Word to use WordTempl?

A: Yes. Microsoft Word is requered.

Q: How do I can customize the document?

A: To do this in the right places the document put the tags in the form {{TAG_NAME}}. For example, {{FULL NAME}}. The program will find tag {{FULL NAME}} and display it as a FULL NAME. After entering the values of tags, for example, John Doe and the generation of a document, the tag will be replaced by its value, i.e. John Doe.

Q: How many tags supported?

A: There are no restrictions On the number of tags.

Q: Can I add other catalogs of documents?

A: Yes. Main Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Catalogs -> Add

Q: Can I change tag brackets?

A: Yes. Main Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Tag brackets

Q: Can I install WordTempl on multiple machines?

A: Yes. As the only user, you can install WordTempl on multiple machines with a single license. For example, many users these days have a desktop PC and a laptop. You can install WordTempl on both with a single license.

You must be the only user when installing WordTempl on multiple machines. For example you could install WordTempl on your office PC and your home PC as long as you are the only user. But if while you are using WordTempl on your home PC, a coworker is using WordTempl on your office PC, multiple licenses are required.