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New release Easy barcode creator and QR Creator


New release - QR and microQR full unicode support now (be carefuly, not all symbologies support unicode) - perfomance increase - some small fixes

new easy and qr creator

Easy Barcode Creator 2.0.5 released.


Easy Barcode Creator 2.0.5 released.

new release easy barcode creator

Easy Barcode Creator 2.0.3 is out.


In new version of Easy Barcode Creator added symbologies UPC-A and UPC-E, which are used for items for sale in the USA and Canada. For more info see Free download Easy Barcode Creator.

new barcode simbalogies upca and upce

Free Online Barcode Reader


We are pleased to announce a new service - Free Online Barcode Decoder \ Reader.

free online barcode reader

Easy Barcode Creator 2.0.1 is out.


Fixed control digit validation error in ISBN13 symbology.

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